Wellness Printing Guidelines & Troubleshooting Notes


Tips for Printing:

Follow the steps below to avoid issues when printing your coupon:
1.    Connect: Your device must be connected to a printer and turned on. At this time, coupons are not printable from mobile or tablet devices.
2.    Ink/Paper: Ensure your printer has ink and paper before you print. Coupons are intended as a one-time-use only print.
3.    Print Settings: Make sure that your printer is not set to print to an electronic format such as a PDF file or document writer.
Be sure to click the “Print Coupon” button one time only. Clicking the “Print Coupon” link more than one time may result in an error that causes your coupon not to print. Please click on the “Print Coupon” button to get your offer. You cannot use the “File-Print” option from your browser menu.
Supported Browsers and Devices: It is recommended that you have the most up-to-version of each browser and operating system before printing coupons. 
•    Recommended browser is Google Chrome. Coupons will also work with Firefox across Mac and PC. Internet Explorer will work on PC, and Safari will work for Mac computers.

Here is a comprehensive list of browsers, operating systems and devices that our coupon software supports:
o    Desktop Operating Systems

  •    Windows 7 +
  •    Apple OSX 10.10 +

o    Desktop Internet Browsers

  •    Google Chrome – v48 +
  •    FireFox – v44 +
  •    Internet Explorer (Only supported on PC) – v11 +
  •    Safari (Only Supported on Mac) – v9 +

o    Mobile Operating Systems & Browsers
    Coupons are not able to be printed from mobile devices at this time.

Common System Messages: Should you experience an error message, the descriptions below will help you identify the reason. Please note that you must arrive at the coupon from a valid brand-approved advertisement or email.
•    System Code 1001 – Expired
o    This offer is no longer available. The promotion has ended.
•    System Code 1003 – Single Use Link
o    Invalid URL. You are not registered to receive this offer.
•    System Code 1004 – Print Limit Reached
o    You have reached your print limit for this offer.
•    System Code 1005 – Geographic Location
o    This offer is not available in your area.
•    System Code 1101 – Extreme Couponer
o    Each coupon is intended to be redeemed once. You have exceeded your redemption limit on previous offers.

After You Print: Please be aware of the following:

1.    Expiration Date: Each coupon has a printed expiration date, so please check on the coupon and use it before this date.
2.    No Transfer: Our email coupons are individually barcoded to your account. As a reminder, this coupon will be void if duplicated, reproduced, altered, transferred, or sold. Other uses of this coupon constitute fraud.

If you run into any issues while printing, we’re happy to help. You can reach us at 800.225.0904, Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm ET. Thanks.

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