Wellness Pet Food Employee Completes His First Ever Cat Adoption!

Hi, I’m Rich, the Customer Marketing Manager for Wellness Pet Food. I consider myself a family man first and a marketer second. I started here a little over a year ago, and for the last few months, I was faced with my daughter’s daily requests to adopt a pet.

My coworkers can attest to how hesitant I was about bringing another pet or pets into the family. It’s been a while since my last pet, and since it’s such a big decision, it’s not one that I took lightly. but after talking with my coworkers at Wellness who are all animal lovers, I became compelled to take the plunge again into pet parenthood. And I’m glad I did! 

Pre-Adoption: Chase and Nadia Come Into Our Lives

As my daughter and wife were scanning for cats online, they discovered Chase’s photo. My daughter fell in love with Chase instantly. When they met Chase for the first time they discovered Nadia was Chase’s mom and that the adoption center really didn’t want to break the two apart. Since we were looking for both a male and female cat, one kitten, and one a young adult, it was a match made in heaven! 

chase and nadia in the shelter

The first time we met Chase and Nadia at the shelter.

Adoption Day

We adopted Chase and Nadia on July 6. Nadia and Chase are originally from the Jersey Shore. The owners of Cat Tales Rescue in Seabrook, NH, learned of Chase and Nadia through a friend. They believe Nadia to be a Russian blue but since Nadia was discovered with just Chase in early May, they are not sure of her background – if she escaped from a home, or was a stray. Either way, it was time to bring them both home!


cat adoption

My daughter with Chase, right before we brought him home!

cat adoption

Welcome home, Chase!

cat adoption

During the first hour Nadia came home, she started exploring.

cat adoption

Chase is a typical young kitty–he started playing almost as soon as he got home!

All Settled In

Over the short time we’ve had them, they’ve quickly become part of the family. Chase and Nadia have already shown us what wonderful cats they are, and we’re so lucky to have them.

cat adoption

Nadia was a little too excited for dinner. Can you spot what she did to the CORE bag?

cat adoption

On day two, Nadia and Chase were fully settled into our home.

So, what does the Wellness Customer Marketing Manager feed his cats?

We spoil our growing kitties with CORE Kitten and CORE Original for dry, and switch up their diet with CORE pâté for kittens, CORE Simply Shreds varieties and CORE pâté. And for treats, we alternate between Kittles flavors. They love their food. They eat it right up! Be sure to try Rich’s favorites next time you’re shopping for your feline friends!

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