Tame Your Cat’s Hairballs

Hairballs aren’t welcome in any home – or in your cat’s stomach. Keep them under control with these tips!


Hairballs aren’t welcome in any home – or in your cat’s stomach.

It can be a common occurrence or a special occasion, but as parents to our beloved kitties we all freeze in terror when hearing the approach of an impending hairball attack.

This unmistakable “hack” roughly translates to: “Warning! Be prepared for a wet, hairy mess that will land in your general vicinity or that of a recently cleaned carpet!”


Tips to Keep Hairballs Under Control

hairball infographic


Digestive Health Concerns

Hairballs can be a result of your cat’s regular grooming routine, but they can cause problems with her digestive health.

Typically, the hair your cat swallows forms into what we call a hairball and is eventually vomited up. But, on top of the grossness that hairballs come standard with, your cat may not be able to get rid of it through the usual methods of expulsion. If the hairball gets too large, it can cause problems within the digestive tract, resulting in bowel obstructions or constipation. In severe cases, surgery in order to have a hairball obstruction removed.

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